Human || Love, Respect & Trust

What is LOVE? What is RESPECT? What is TRUST? Why do I need LOVE and RESPECT & TRUST? Are they connected? What is the significance of LOVE & RESPECT & TRUST? I really don’t know the exact definition and explanation to go about it but would love to share what I feel and think about it. What is my inner view towards it? Can that view of mine be taken into social consideration? Hope you are going to get engulf in my writings today. Even if you don’t like it, do read it..! I will appreciate your time and effort ahead always and ever.

human||love, respect & trust

human||love, respect & trust

 Love and respect is the feeling of inner conscience. It is the feeling that awakens the heart and mind together. Love is a connection that binds two hearts and respect is all that goes with the feeling of trust in it.

 “Love is a feeling connected to respect with trust” Continue reading


prabhatks || born real ; not perfect

“Every Morning I wake up and think of nothing but try to resolute ;

Resolute that whats going to happen till the next future morning”

— Its what I give a thought to “WHAT IS LIFE?”


Today I rise up the stairs in my life into the 21st step and feeling a lot excited about the future and its really unexplained beauty to be discovered in reality. Continue reading