her shower of nirvana

her shower of nirvana 

i am deaf, i am dumb, i can’t aptly define
her divine design flaunted on the light line
air stimulates to her hands to prodigy Heian
spread out in the waves of Rhine land refine

sky is black, sun in the dark air fares glare
moon in motion, her mind sounds in royal flare
mountain is high, water rush showers her fear
her spirit booms to paint her in beautiful flair

water combs her body, cascade to lay around
she senses the sharp sweet taste on her crown
she stands wide and tall in the nature’s gown
throbbed in her deep soul with ecstasy down

the land is high, freedom flows in her will sky
she desires water to wink her face and open eye
drops of magical love grows in her emotions tie
she dances to adventure, rapid dreams smiles fly

she tastes the wine falling from the heaven
of waterfalls, rains from the clouds driven
lost in the time, she fills her empty mind even
calm in her heart, numb in her anxiety striven
hypnotized in the wonder bath of nirvana liven
she sips the nectar in tears, love in life given.

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with love – prabhatks


a girl with flowers

 a girl with flowers

i walked over the green velvet grass
in a garden of flowers at dawn pass

at a distance in vivid, i saw a girl
imbued the flowers of her soul pearl

her touch has lighted the flowers
the green blooms her playful shower

in the while sauntering in around
i feel her joy through inner sound

the flowers smiles cheering desire
kisses the air in love transpire

the rays of beauty from the ways
i see her glory open to my gaze

aura of feelings, enchanting aroma
surrounded the miles to be in soma

be a butterfly or a bee in ardour
drawn into her thoughts, fresh humour

chirping birds sings music for her in chord
sky above praises her colours adored

i see her grow, a flower in beauty grace
eyes glitters like never forgetting face

she blooms through every flavour of time
bathing in sun and rain in the prime

i am lost in her divine gifted innocence
she is the appetite pleasing my sense

i saw a girl meeting the garden flowers
she has a beautiful bond with orb power

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with love – prabhatks

her eye

her eye 

i scan the avenue to where she stands ay
the sky sinks from morning to evening bye

i wait on in the crowd to watch all passed by
my heart senses magic, a glance of her open eye

i smell her beauty diffused in the air and fly
waving at her from the distance, i feel so shy

i wink at her to live in the warmth of her sigh
drawing the message of love in the sky, i reply

a marvelous flower of hope and joy like butterfly
she makes me feel alive, a fire in her blue eye

the fear of darkness is fading from the mind’s sky
i see a rainbow of love in the weather of her eye.

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with love – prabhatks

a garland of tree

a garland of tree 

i saw a girl in her elegance
standing in the cherry woods
she is so lively exquisite
being in her trance blues
in her earthly pleasure
i can imagine her frank good
the cosmic light of sun
tyndall on her beauty look
the trees in her back
as pride were all it could
of the sky like rain
pleasing the thunder would
the verb of her tangible soul
in the distance stood
the smell of her true love
intricated in her stance should
the glows in her cheeks
her lips trembled to withstood
watching in her way ahead
a flower blooming in the rood
the vocal of this traveller
rambling in the spring-woods
i saw a beauty lass
a garland of tree understood.

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with love – prabhatks

she floats

she floats 

she floats in her tranquility
in love with her golden ambience

the sea is her stability
full of dreams and elated radiance

she is a soul of spiritual mobility
a bird in the sunset fragrance

she mirths in rays of hope visibility
touch of the sun rays in the variance

she glows in her beauty sensibility
standing on the dock cadence

she feels the wind blows portability
a journey set in the river guidance.

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with love – prabhatks

it was a day

it was a day 

a day of november
i do still remember…

sitting in the class
i was bored and breathing pore
a girl in the way front
walked through the door
my eyes rest wide open
flicked no more
lost in her startling sight
i was seeking for
staring in her enigmatic eyes
heart beats in amour.

she walked towards me
emotions springs to be
she sat beside like rosette
a star in the day, i see
the wind in the way breeze
as she sighs to feel the sea
she looked at me and
smiled in wonder oomph glee
i reflected in a flash
the same to assure harmony.

it all happened
on that day, i append…

it was all in instant
to tell the truth in slant
was it love in desire to chant?
excited to ease my pant
i took her hand to plant
my feelings onto her decant
time in travels, wait on cant
today its new, future may recant
i wrote her a cheat to enchant
a message to date her implant.

i was afraid to freeze
light around us in the breeze
she scented the note
in her delightful ease
written with the ink
of love to tease
“a fairy in dream”, she is
blooming her love to sprees
i was elated in her jeez
a day to build castle
in her love keys
i met her on a day in bees
love will bloom
our dreams overseas

it was a day
and with her i stay …

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with love – prabhatks

love will trip

love will trip 

she is the crown
of my life
harvesting love in time
she is the angel
of beauty
covered in wings of rime
she is
from the native town
where i
ramble in the prime
i look
all around and stare
the spaces in chime
i am glad
to find her laughing
under the blue to shine.

but i am afraid
to knot with her
in relation
i am just living
with her look
and beauty elation
i am real
but i fear
my love ambition.

drowning in love
in tears emission
i see the mirror
vivid and clear imagination
she is my mirror
i will treasure her carnation
we look at each other
with love being in creation.

she is my life
i cheer the revelation
time will lift us
our love to ignition
the heart is lighted
the soul feels
the sensation.

life is short
death seems to be near
when she is around
life fastens to rear
leaving the rest fear
i will propose in her ear
the world is a sphere
love will trip in a year.

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with love – prabhatks

sob story of love

sob story of love

it is a story
of love incarnating glory
she is a known face
but like stranger migratory.

we met and greet
our emotions in oratory
the heart beats
in august’s heat transitory.

she is divine
and breathless laudatory
singular and miraculous
a pearl of horatory.

we saw each other
in eyes of love promissory
we were together
for days in dormitory
her smiles, her talks
in my heart amatory.

but i stood
a traveller in my story
we came close
but love seemed expletory.

a tale of love
incomplete allegory
we moved away
with feelings in desultory.

the hearts left bare
eyes tears in purgatory
turning in the way around
we ran to kiss in quarry.

we hugged each other
and left the territory
two birds part company
perimeter of silence vibratory.
two souls in love
lost their love story.

but love is not lost
we may meet in dory
to complete our sob story
this was but a story
of love –
to seek her glory.

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with love – prabhatks

in your light

in your light 

my life is lighten,
in your presence it mirths
lush lips enliven,
an elegant beauty in girth.

you come and stay,
don’t disappear in ply
your reflection in my eyes,
a picture of butterfly.

sit by my side,
be the fire of love tides
the moon in rotation,
we knot to kiss and collide.

your voice entices,
love in pitch plays to ice
in your love overexcite,
i desire to kiss you twice.

you are my poise,
your charisma is my fortune
you breath to live the joy,
my life in your love is cocoon.

in your light,
i live my life bright
even in the night,
you are my sight.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks