love in pain shines

love in pain shines 

i saw this girl aback,
a beautiful young girl in glade
sitting under the light crack,
guarded by tree leaves shade
bending to look at her back,
filled the tree with a new shade.

a flower in solitude black,
an ocean of emotion invades
she bore life’s empty tracks,
wet memories of sorrow strayed
the smell of love is decayed,
stricken with panic from the attack.

the tree bears to see her whack,
i stand in the distant slack
a step in the near tailback,
i walk to subtle her broken back.

the soul is in pain,
i leaned against her shoulder domain
turn into a power to contain,
i evade her pang to rain
i soak her bitterness of mundane,
i whispered to remain.

a girl in her beauty reigns,
you cannot live in vain
a voice of love enchants,
be brave and shine to gain
it’s just a beginning birth pain,
you are a love to walk the terrain.

kiss your life to play the name,
love is a gift of champagne.


thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


born again to shine

hello friends,

so a year is winding up. and i have been trying to keep the promise to myself to keep blogging and i have been doing it. there has been ups and downs into it but in spite of all i have been trying hard. now most of it i am trying to write poems and my thoughts are flowing into it more.

life to us is given and we are the only capable being to make it good or better or best. it depends. we have to go through so many things in our life that sometimes we feel – no – and a push factor is always there to inspire you and motivate you from that – no – to – yes – and yes you can do it.

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