Happy New Year 2018

happy new year

hello holiday, its again the time today

actions and reflections of memories in the way

pleasing the moments and cherishing life anyway

people, friends, family and strangers in relay

yearlong celebration of love will refresh to stay.

new resolutions with myriad hopes and dreams

enjoying the dates and embracing the future beams

wanderlust being will steam the hours to stream.

years, decades, centuries will always be in circle

emotions will excite to explore and delight the cycle

adventures will mark the calendar turning into chronicle

rejuvenating love to treasure our life so ironical.

happy new year in tyndall.


prabhatks || born real ; not perfect

“Every Morning I wake up and think of nothing but try to resolute ;

Resolute that whats going to happen till the next future morning”

— Its what I give a thought to “WHAT IS LIFE?”


Today I rise up the stairs in my life into the 21st step and feeling a lot excited about the future and its really unexplained beauty to be discovered in reality. Continue reading