fairy of music lands

fairy of music lands 

the night ascends, the day descends
red evening, warm and fresh accent
the mind is filled with her rosy transcend
in my imaginations she is the melody content.

i sit in the desolate room
and playing the piano in the groove
you wake me up, blown away to move
i feel your essence in the boom.

the atmosphere, filled in colours of music layers
my fingers on the keys like magic player
music in the air, sound quivers like sprayer
she is the reason of my music affairs.

i feel my heart in the distance
she is diffused in my soul to stand
i build castle in the air so dense
her musical waves in the air of love lands.

in love with her amazing sense
i feel the music in my deep so grand
i play thinking of her in strain
i desire to hold her magical hands.

she is my fairy of musical lands
i will play the chords until it last to sound
she be in my dreams of musical streams
i will love her till my life in extreme

and follow the beam of musical theme.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


love in meditate

love in meditate 

i sit in silence,
rejoicing the state
i amble in peace,
meditating to elate
my eyes are closed,
reposing to await
i am still in me,
captivating to fate.

i am driven in straight,
in love to recreate
i am alive in soul,
the body feels to restate
i am in love to date,
my spirit chi to skate
i am born again,
i begin my life to resonate.

i am in a state,
feeling the pleasure to gait
i sense the flow in body,
the tone clings to vibrate
my soul sings the music,
breathing harmony to inflate
i am the light you see,
the love we stimulate.

i feel the body smile,
responding to magnet
my love embrace the soul,
releasing the body to mate
i feel love surrounds me close,
hooding to kiss my spirit spate
you are my goddess, my love
i love to love in meditate.


love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep visiting. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks

Dance || live it – move it

Hello again, thank you for coming back to see me. I am dancing today. You know dance. Come let’s dance together. I want to go with words first then we make the action and make the words flow into the move. Join me. Here it goes. Dance dance dance. What–? Read it out loud. And move it into the crowd and shout !!

Dance is a magic. It’s the movement of body in rhythm. It’s your way of feeling the music, the sound, the vibration in you. It’s a sense of making your soul invisible to mind.


I see the world dancing in air. I see the streets dancing in lights. It’s all the day, all the time around. There are ways in and ways out to live the dance in every sphere out. If you ask me what is dance – ? For me it’s just a movement. It’s just a step that makes you feel the emotion of that move.

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