she is my million

she is my million

she is my million

the sun burns the earth in its highest degree dart
the rays from the ether reaches the ground part
she is facing the heat risen from the ring of fire
she is breathing love waiting for me in her desire.

i am on my way to encore our heart waves meet greet
the wind blows along beating her inside form upbeat
i am thinking of her more as i am close to her shore
our love for each other is connected in spirits core.

the traffic has caught me in its circle for so long
the time is passing like the air in the flow daylong
i wish i had wings to fly to her in a blink i’m gone
she would never had to face this all before its drawn.

i see my million wait around her in so many trillion
she is my girl in a world full of zillion civilian
she is the only one, my fate rolls in her vermillion
my life in love with her is the one and only pavillion.

she makes my heart feel young in me, i walk with her
i see her in the waterfall of sea, i swim in to infer
she lights up the peace in heavenly glee, fairy i see
i feel her love in my heart agree, she is my love key.

her hand is so soft, flower petals i hold my love doll
her warmth in the touch essence has perfumed my soul
we drag each other into us, we hug and kiss to fold
we are elated in the joy of being together being a goal.

we set ourself to ping play in such games of adventure
we are new to explore every move in the way to venture
the journey of life is dense and furious to walk ahead
i will hold you to trod our steps in love to ease dread.

we see the same day with new views in our mind every day
and live in love together, our flower of love in spread
the sun shines her beauty, the evening delights to tread
we make every moments count to make our memories embed.

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with love – prabhatks

a girl in blur

a girl in blur

 a girl in blur

we sit together in the breeze of seasons forever
i talk to her in the reflection in waters endeavour
she is everywhere around me in the space wherever
in the sun, water, trees, birds, trickling me ever.

she is the light from sun, moon at night i yearn
shadow like the clouds, shower like the rain burns
she is my hunger, i taste the dusts in air churn
she is a soul in my spirit earn, i crave her concern.

i have lost my self in her love being an elf myself
love is the wire connecting me with her fire itself
i am young in martyr wandering in her thoughts shelf
a girl who is in my mind has left me in my own self.

she is alive in my beating heart, it beats for her
wind blows in the way alerts me to inert in her stir
life runs in slow pace to race in search of her spur
i romanticize a girl, i comb every place even in blur.

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with love – prabhatks

a sea of love

a sea of love 

you and i, in between it flows
a sea of love that is like so cho
a field of lilies in my heart grows
i wonder, if you ever feel its blow
anything or everything, i feel fro
i see in us, its love that glows.

the morning wakes up with the sun
the evening relaxes in the horizon
where the day floats in the clouds
where the sky is clear in the loud
we are together throughout in fun
our sea of love floats in the run.

your sea of love is my crazy flower
you flow in your blow of love shower
i am addicted to sail in your dower
time leaps to assay our shaking power
but we stand on our feet at any hour
a fact, life is both happy and sour.

your love is so wild, i am drowned
you fill me with you into my ground
you kiss in pleasure of inner sound
its warm, gifted, my love is found
your sea of love paradise is around
you and i, in us is our love crowned.

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with love – prabhatks

my valentine lass

my valentine lass 

it seems, the world is stolen
from the aliens in the space
i am muted in my mind’s vase
that would flower to greet ace
a wish for my valentine lass.

i met her last night in my sight
a star alone emblazed in her white
i trailed her way in candlelight
i see her, my magical moonlight
i wish she be my valentine delight

she runs in my veins through times
she is away in the distance climes
she is down into my deep earth rhymes
she is pure as the white snow chimes
she is my flora of green sunshine

she is the water in the river rustles
she is the energy in my body muscle
she is the flavour in candy like fennel
she is my adventure of love in tunnel
my only fancy girl of valentine journal

she is the sunshine of the day
she is the rain of the night ray
she is the magical dust of air play
she whispers in my ear and say
she is my valentine in every way.

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with love – prabhatks