~ she came in ~ she walked out

~ she came in ~ she walked out 

the moon was overhead in ruby shed
alone at night, a beauty came unsaid

passed by the field of my foxy heart
waves of her elated sense rosy dart

her glimpse stimulated my eye high
i stared at her like the dust in shy

her hair floated in the air in fair
i was filled with love in minute affair

her scarlet lips upon her finger flip
i was rapt in her spirit to tender sip

what a delight of her buzzing attitude
her love smelling like bright gratitude

she beats my heart like a rock guitar
the waves form melody above serene afar

she sojourned in my verve like a force
and soon she in sudden varied her course

madden in affection with her in emotion
my love for her was intensified radiation

she left me with a sign, she can’t be mine
i closed my eyes, recalling the good time

the night is silent, pain is meant violent
i feel the sting growing in my heart lament

i am cold, dumb and deaf like the sea fish
come back, i have just one left blind wish

a song i sing, it’s your name in love team
tears are out haunted by your memories stream

scars and bruises arresting my soul to numb
i live your identity of moon and stars come

heart is broken, i smile its pain in token
i cry to fill the ocean unheard, unspoken

my head feels bizzare, darkness behind my eye
suffocating in my existence to live standby

a glass, when it is broken to million pieces
the end is never happy, pain is all increases

her flash follows my route in life to survive
i wait for her beam to light my field and revive.

thank you so much for stopping by. i found your love. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks


i see you in me

hello friends’

here is another poem written by me. its about how i see my love and where do i see her. i see her in me.

i see you in me

i see you in me

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