inhaling intimate imagination

inhaling intimate imagination

hello friends,
it’s the ninth day of a-z challenge and i am here with my ninth prompt
i.e. a poem with the letter ‘i’ in it most. also the title is all ‘i-i-i’.
thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poem.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ inhaling intimate imagination ♥

i am alive inhaling her sensual yearn
i mull on how the fire of love will burn
i am flowing in her intense dreamy yarn
i see her shinning upon my face upturn.

i delight her, the moon, in my trail light
i am the sun in love with her each night
i am her lover for million years to ignite
i touch her body to spark her yellow sight.

i caress her soul being combined as whole
i kiss to collide her heart’s ground extol
i am in her love, a bond so strong to roll
i am blind in love, i fancy her as my soul.

i feel her love is intimate spring of gold
her sweet care tickles like rains enfold
i feel the steam of lust desires to unfold
i breathe her trust to dance in erotic bold.

i read and breath her sensual entice thirst
i am in-seventh-heaven to colour her first
her love is wild and flowing in her durst
i embrace her body in quite idyllic burst.

i hold her tidal waves to freeze the moment
her heat of love explodes in infinite augment.
her colour, sound, sensation is really meant
i dream of her secretive existence in content.

i alone draw to imagine my intimacy with her
my words are wrinkles rising into waves blur.

so finally done 

… more to go …

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks