love in meditate

love in meditate 

i sit in silence,
rejoicing the state
i amble in peace,
meditating to elate
my eyes are closed,
reposing to await
i am still in me,
captivating to fate.

i am driven in straight,
in love to recreate
i am alive in soul,
the body feels to restate
i am in love to date,
my spirit chi to skate
i am born again,
i begin my life to resonate.

i am in a state,
feeling the pleasure to gait
i sense the flow in body,
the tone clings to vibrate
my soul sings the music,
breathing harmony to inflate
i am the light you see,
the love we stimulate.

i feel the body smile,
responding to magnet
my love embrace the soul,
releasing the body to mate
i feel love surrounds me close,
hooding to kiss my spirit spate
you are my goddess, my love
i love to love in meditate.


love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep visiting. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks