gift of love


gift of love

gift of love

\ i did this to reflect a name hidden in it and giving a meaning to the name in this form /

♥ gift of love ♥

dreaming of her to draw my every day
oh ! she came in a very special way

rare and real charismatic gift of love
oh ! she is slow and steady like a dove

thy a flower blooming like heavenly bud
her presence captured a part of my drying mud

you gave life to the loneliness of my heart
my heart was lost being in your girth

she is the light in her every colours
i hope to walk and hold her like a flower

who of us is choosen to wait and make start
i can’t wait to propose you for the rebirth

i hate to be without her being far and apart.

she is not a gift wrapped and concealed in a box
she is the fragrance of the air breaking the rocks

the day we met was a summer evening playful recess
you came caressing yourself in a white checker dress

like we unfold the cover of a book of love
i started to read the details of your globe

a river in me started to flow but slow
a never ending waterfall of my emotions blow

i started to quote my feelings for you in words
to share my love of you and continue the storyboard

i see your face in the moon and smile in stars
a gift more than god, a superstar in her avatar

you are the only one to beat my soulful sitar.

love is a gift rising within us from our birth
i see you as my only world from the very start

we are two wishing to be one and play in mirth.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.
with love – inkyfire 


his love – happy easter

his love

a star in the myraid cluster so bright
a soul eternal in every creation smite

i see the plants budding in the sight
i feel the season refreshing in excite

i see the flowers blooming in delight
i hear the birds chirping in outright

i see goodness surrounding to knight
i feel the nature springs in the light

i feel happiness is deep in me ignite
i feel joy has lifted me to overexcite

the sacred soul is blessing us to unite
his love has filled our spirits in white.

we rise and walk to celebrate his might.

…..happy EASTER to you all…..

with love – prabhatks ❤
see you soon
thank you.

PEOPLE || Good; Better; Best

It was a day and it was night. It was sometime around last year that I was lying on my bed and wondering about the PEOPLE around. I was lost in the thoughts of the relationship and its importance with the PEOPLE around me. I was unable to figure out the real importance of it. And in the meanwhile these lines were created out of my mind with mesmerized thoughts going around. It follows like this.

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