love is one

love is one 

you are the candle, i stay the flame
united to play, we shine to fame

i cling to peak,
glowing bright in leap
you stand to sense,
warmth blends to heat deep
i melt your soul,
playing with your body to steep
we coil to spark,
the colour’s of light to creep

your soul is pulsating,
playful with the tickling fire
i rise to gratify,
your soul in delight desire
i meet your face,
we kiss to pure transpire
pleasing our sweet venom,
we love down to the wire

the candle is dissolved in affection,
the flame is around and within elation,
you and i are one in ecstasy excitation,
the souls in love,
and love is one emotion.


love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep visiting. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks