fresher’s face

♥ fresher’s face ♥

it’s been some days that i am feeling
something different in the way i am wheeling.

few days of being here, i just have to say
no yesterday, i am not the same today
i see bright burning light in the halfway
dreams and goals are moving like the ray.

o yes, please don’t forget to pray!

we have created a vibration for recreation
to receive such a beautiful welcome satisfaction
a friendly atmosphere to bond and unite for celebration
we are beginning to prove our social co-operation.

inspire, innovate and involve is our only motivation.

36 icons to explore their dreams with crayons
another step to graduate from this social marathon
different tribes, backgrounds and traditions
building trust and communication is our main examination.

a search to own my fame is in my neural transmission.

i am breathing a challenge to lift up my face
two years with fresh pressure within the space
unlock the ideas with the wisdom key base
i will win the competition with everyone’s grace
life is a race, i am tracing to chase!

it’s been some days that i am feeling
something different in the way i am wheeling.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy the poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.
with love – inkyfire 

day and night - love alight

day and night – love alight

 day and night – love alight

the sun paints the night in its orange light
i see her talk, her soft lips mocks kiss bite
fading the darkness absorbed into her vastness
she undresses the night into a new dawn delight.

the sun unfolds and enriches the life’s ambience
she walks with me in pace gradient to the horizon
we swim through the day in streets, dancing in tone
the eyes folds at home in the bed, tired we lay on.

the night does greets hello in its own grace pace
she fills in me the bliss of magical moonlight grace
inhaling break and sleep into her cosy relax space
her fingers runs into my soul tracing the love vase.

letting go the worries from our soul, a white goal
we smile at each other coiled as one in passion spin
the mind in its deep blaze is still to think whole
her touch is sacred bosom adorned in us rosy extol.

the night departs the light of day into clay
she lays by my side, make me feel her sanguine
i cover her in rosy atmosphere, still we flow
the morning is new everyday, hello baby we blow.

the night dreams of the day imagining its win way
we kiss each other blooming our love night and day
the day acts in action to achieve the goals play
we run to play sway, the dreams dwell on far away.

the flowers blows the air in the way all around
i smell her beauty in and around singing out loud
her fragnance across its circle without a sound
a root of love in her enchanted ground is found.

the birds chirps along, the sky drifts it long
i hear, smell, feel all in its own layer’s bong
she sings her love cover in the moving wind along
i listen to her heart sensing the way we belong.

i can see the life of people around run-down fret
starts the day with the sunlight in the gate set
enters the night in the dark, a lamp to light yet
this circle of life is in continue to fight in net.

so the day and the night keys to sing its flight
it’s my choice to see happiness or sadness alight
love is power, hatred tempts devour, i opt love
day to night, dawn to dusk, love is all i cove above.

love is my life, she is my vibe, we together survive
no matter how i go my days, my nights will be her
i start my day, i end my night, her name in flight
she is my day, she is my night, love, love alight.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks

merry christmas


merry christmas

it was a day

it was a day 

a day of november
i do still remember…

sitting in the class
i was bored and breathing pore
a girl in the way front
walked through the door
my eyes rest wide open
flicked no more
lost in her startling sight
i was seeking for
staring in her enigmatic eyes
heart beats in amour.

she walked towards me
emotions springs to be
she sat beside like rosette
a star in the day, i see
the wind in the way breeze
as she sighs to feel the sea
she looked at me and
smiled in wonder oomph glee
i reflected in a flash
the same to assure harmony.

it all happened
on that day, i append…

it was all in instant
to tell the truth in slant
was it love in desire to chant?
excited to ease my pant
i took her hand to plant
my feelings onto her decant
time in travels, wait on cant
today its new, future may recant
i wrote her a cheat to enchant
a message to date her implant.

i was afraid to freeze
light around us in the breeze
she scented the note
in her delightful ease
written with the ink
of love to tease
“a fairy in dream”, she is
blooming her love to sprees
i was elated in her jeez
a day to build castle
in her love keys
i met her on a day in bees
love will bloom
our dreams overseas

it was a day
and with her i stay …

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks