you are my cure

you are my cure

 ♥ you are my cure ♥

i am weak and sick in your absence
madness has kissed my divine sense
its hard to breathe in void immense
i can only be cured in your presence.

i am so insecure, i am quite and sure
the warmth of your voice is my cure
it calms my nerves and soul to secure
i wait for you, my hope is you, so pure.

i am alone infected in pains of unknown
i bleed inside, i weep at night by my own
please don’t go away and leave me alone
you are the gift of love i have ever known.

i am fighting with myself keeping silent
i wish death takes the root to sleep event
i am numb yearning for rest in love scent
you are my cure; a soul is broken of lament.

i try to fly with you so high and deny to cry
but i cry a million tears and i don’t know why
i shear and fear to express my love, but i try
i am alone in my sky, cure me or i will die.

i make a million mistakes to be sick, even fake
i want to see you more, walk with me in the break
every time i am together with you, magic flake
you are my only cure, you keep me wide awake.

its now and ever, you are my cure however
love will endeavour us always and forever
i will follow your smile and walk to wherever
you are my every cure; love will lead us whatsoever.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks