a girl - i met

a girl – i met

 a girl – i met 

she grows within the mother earth
she is green in her natural birth
she is a rock, a crystal of love
she wears a mask of deity behove.

she is a dream stone of divine power
she is a way to spiritual world hour
her touch is a blessing of cloudburst
her life fascinates water in the first.

she is sharp like the blades of sword
she is tough for the evil to be chord
she is a spirit chanted to heal the soul
she has the powers to protect every goal.

she is an amulet of luck and friendship
she is a talisman of long life to unzip
her name craves everything in her within
her wisdom is muster to let serenity begin.

she is a beauty to encourage creativity
she is a soul to foster oneself ability
she is two in science in her self-making
she is one in nature, noble and royal in.

she has the ambience of neptune in her eye
she is a gem of heart in her green sky aye
her reasons to exist is myriad determined
her smile lits up every space in the blind.

she is ambidextrous and extremely active
she is strong and dignified to proactive
she is a perfection of perfect love said
she is a girl, i met her in such shade.

she is an inspiration, i write to shower
she is incredibly charismatic to empower.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you. love you. see you soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


i seek – her love

i seek – her love 

my heart is a solid iron candy
oh it pains in my fleshy body
i seek for her love in embody
igniting my icy heart in toddy

to feel her tender, care in render
soul of her like butterfly blender
only her touch is my warm splendour
being by her side to be her fender

her face is a beauty of like angel
a swan opening her white wings excel
to swim in my heart, a graceful bell
all darkness will sweeten in her dwell

a lonely stone under the moonlight rain
covered in shadows of sting breaths in
i wait for her to gait in my life lane
a moon to ignite my heart like helen
her name in explain, she is my cocaine.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you. love you. see you soon again. 

with love – prabhatks

i say in love – kiss to bliss

i say in love – kiss to bliss 

my cherry,
my one and only fairy
i remember the kiss in merry
red lips in fondle intense
i hold you high to sense
vibes of love in heavens glary
we vowed to dance as one and marry

a drink so divine and sweet of kiss
no wine can replace the nectar bliss
we breath love in one to pledge
together we saunter our life to wedge
and nascent vigour in me arose
i will paint my life in your close
my rose.


thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks

you are my fairy

Hello Friend’s,
I feel there is this girl somewhere around the globe whom I feel and write all these. But she is a Fairy unknown to me now. May be she is in her Fairy world dreaming about me and so I feel her around and able to write these lines out of those feelings. I even don’t know when I am going to get her to share the love and light and celebrating the life together as one. One of my very close friend said to me, “It is just a glimpse or a glimmer in the distance. But it is always there seeking us like we are seeking it. Some day who you are seeking will find you… she is looking for you too”. Here comes my Fairy, the Fairy of my life. You are my Fairy, the flower to bloom my life.

you are my fairy

you are my fairy

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