awaken alone

hello friends,
it’s the first prompt of a-z challenge 2018
with my “a” letter poem that has created a awaken feeling of being alone in me.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ awaken alone ♥

awaken steps alive like the firing gun
a passionate journey springs towards her
with the dawn hours of the rising sun
smiling like the heavenly rays are
a lass walks beside me like none.

animating my breathing tone with her shines
day shades her mystical beauty till dusk aligns
her flow is drawn in my soul like red wine
only if she knows about being in cloud nine.

and in a sudden while in the distant mile
lost in the autumn clouds being so versatile
an angel showers her divine fountain beguile
moving me close to her styling profile.

awaken from a dreamy sleep, i am just a lone smile.

so finally done 



… get set go …

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – inkyfire 


pains of loneliness moans

pains of loneliness moans 

you don’t know the phases of my struggle for existence
in science i cover all the states of matter in affection
i was born to live of love in 90s classified gradation
i fathom the orbit of life is full of pain and affliction.

i was happy a child, laughed and cheered all the while
i woke up, brushed to breakfast and school in the mile
the days were planned to learn and play, no worries to define
everyone of my age were golden stars in the eyes, love divine.

time was never a matter to disturb my fun in light lime
visiting friends and relatives was leisure pleasing chime
i explored every minute and hour asking questions on the line
every soul i met seemed a great scholar to show the life design.

i had vacations, enjoyed moments of life without any tensions
there were times to spend with family, tête-à-tête in transition
i had no one to miss and enjoy but just my mother’s care in joy
life was complete with what i had being with my self love alloy.

but time changed and i was left alone with my battling ambition
i was unknown of the way, i had to travel through hard conditions
heart ignored my brain, vice-versa efforts to find the solutions
i slip out of my position, life surrounded me in dark competition.

my eyes runs round the world and grinding halt at the driving clock
i stand sightless cultivated in bitter taste of life to smile mock
and being the root to plant my life on earth of the supple rock
i feel pain haunts my soulful creation with broken trust to knock.

my heart in pursuit of someone to care for me in the long life run
a friend, a soul to understand and fill the void with trust and fun
but life has repeated to kill my state filling emptiness in the chest
i kept bleeding blind with the hole in heart isolated to real rest.

i stride through the day being in my own fancy of prisoner’s cell
i cry in my sleep holding the pillow tight, the night is never well
i wish someone could hold me being in trance, sing my pain to romance
loneliness is a black hole, i find only darkness being its hell goal.

people says, and even time travels to say, no one is alone in life
god walks to match your steps alight, even feels your emotional fight
but why do i then feel this loneliness in life, feeling to break apart
i feel cold, numb to freeze, a demon of lonely to shut my center down.

i wish i was a child, i wanted to fly so high, a reality escaped to lie
i wish nothing changed in the state of my mind, being always happy inside
but life is both light and dark, where darkness has banged to hold my part
i was happy a child, i never wished loneliness would please my life to vile.

this is how i exist now in the miles to run and live through WHAT IS LIFE!
is it happy and carefree to run, play, sing, dance and live in the top world
or is it pain and darkness blown hollow in resentment with lost identity fold
a naked fact in my sense is loneliness, the face in the mirror is in ache so old.

i am clinched by depression, my shadows are lost without any impression
i am chocking in my core turmoil, i could never ever express in confession
a day will soon turn to me, i would be buried dead with my lonely obsession
the dews from dark clouds would hail to taste and feel my lonely discretion.

i am sailing in the river of loneliness, weeping like rain to drowsiness
i am lonely and alone, i wish i was never known of these feelings to moan.

thank you so much for stopping by. i found your love. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks

love – a gift of time

love – a gift of time 

i met you today …

it was a time,
at twilight soft in crime
my heart stolen,
i am inclined in clime
in your look,
my existence glance to sublime
a flower in love,
emotions were budding at the prime
but you left,
i was shut in absolute chime.

i met you yesterday …

it was a time,
i ruminate in the beam
you turn up in my dreams,
being my love team
happy and elated stream,
we drag in close esteem
holding hands in the gleam,
i feel your love steam
in a sudden i redeem,
i am awake in real passim.

the day after,
in everyday future …

i will think of you in reversion
it was a time, it was a time
and when we meet again in time
the fate will stimulate our love to shine
and i will no longer live the past
a new story in the future will last
my dreams will summit you in swift
the flower of love will bud in light to lift
i met you today,
we will meet everyday as a gift.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks

lone love in tears

lone love in tears 

i count my journey as one,
my heart kept bleeding in the run
i know for i have tried to shun,
from eleven to twenty-one but none
my love for her in the blue was fun,
no care, no affection for my love spun.

i know love is power and strength,
but i was desolate in the length
thinking every moment of her in ascent,
my emotions were true to full-length
she was a girl i knew from her scent,
hurt like hell, i was played in extent.

love was just like musings on my part,
for i could never win the girls heart
only pain was digging in me to start,
i waited to hear the grace depart
a sword in my chest lanced apart,
my love for her was fading the art.

no future in eye to illuminate,
no power in my self to narrate
i felt like dying to the fate,
no pain will remain in to hate
neither i can see her to bate,
nor i would remain the playmate.

i fell in the hard remote distance,
i gave it up all without resistance
love will be a passive existence,
i will stay away in long distance
love will never be my assistance,
heart will remain in agony persistence.

love is blind like coals in mine,
i was in love to hold my feelings confine
my pain and sorrows will remain mine,
i need no hope, nobody’s pity to shine
i shed tears amid this poem lines,
love is a journey of two souls to define.


thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks

prabhatks | i swear

Hello Friend’s,

This is a short poetic verse that I wrote long ago. I was traveling in bus away from home to stay in hostel in my high school times. The feeling to stay away from parents (Mom-Dad) during that stage in life is something that every child would feel in their way and this is what came out of me with those feelings. I wrote it like I could never think of it – How?. It was the alphabetic keys on my Nokia phone and the note application in that mobile, that i could save those feelings in words that matters to me a lot always. I thought to post it and shout out my feelings here because I just felt doing it.

Also I want to dedicate it to my loved ones and those special ones in my life. I would love to know your thoughts and whatever you think on it. So please feel free to drop your words as you are here.

|come make the world alive spreading oneness|

prabhatks_i swear

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