NovemberNotes 2016

A very musical month of prompts for november called #NovemberNotes developed by My good friend Rosema over at A Reading Writer and Sarah Doughty over at HEARTSTRING EULOGIES. Using diverse song titles that sound beautiful and can evoke some strong emotions, but their lyrics and titles hold significance, too. You can create whatever you want — poetry, prose, short stories, take photographs that remind you of the song, etc. You have full creative control.

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………. I am joining the challenge starting november 1st 2016 !
this is my second time to be in such challenge and I will follow the songs to create anything that interests me into it. i’ve always been passionate to write the emotions in words out of my mind, heart and soul and writing poems on love has become my greatest fantasy of all times.
i will explore more of it through the challenge.

the challenge will continue for 30 days starting on 1st november to 30th november.
i look forward to your support, feedbacks and we all are going to have fun for sure.

.heartiest welcome in the light. lets follow each other and be one.
.come make the world alive spreading oneness.
°°|••varied hobbyist••|°°
°°|••designer- lover- amateur poet••|°°
°°| ink of love in fire – design is my desire |°°

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