a-z challenge 2016

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………. the a-z challenge starts april 1st 2016 again !
this is my first time to be in the challenge and my theme is love. i’ve always been passionate and writing poems on love. i feel love is all around in everything and that even our cells are made up of love. everything around us is constituted of love. i will explore it more through the challenge.
the challenge will continue for the next 26 days in april except sundays.
i look forward to your support and we are gonna have fun for sure.

.heartiest welcome in the light. lets follow each other and be one.

.come make the world alive spreading oneness.

°°|••varied hobbyist••|°°
°°|••designer- lover- amateur poet••|°°
°°| ink of love in fire – design is my desire |°°

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the links to my everyday post will be updated here below on the badge of a-z challenge

come check out everyday or whenever you can … thank you so much ….
with love …. prabhatks …

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26 thoughts on “a-z challenge 2016

  1. CM says:

    Hey , you seem to really enjoy writing poems .. your love for wordplay reflects in your posts .. hope you are enjoying the challenge?
    another week to go and maybe you can compile all your poems into a book 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much CM …
      I am glad to hear from you … Yes Its my passion and I do it in love … Yes I am enjoying challenge so so much… At the same time little tired… But excitation erases all tiredness away…. You have got beautiful posts too … Will be visiting soon…. Don’t know about book … But that’s my dream too… Hope I will do it in future… You have a great time ahead… Wishing you best always … Thank you so much … Keep smiling … 😊😊🙏🌻🙌💓


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