butterfly eyes

♥ butterfly eyes ♥

the heart is always broken before it joins
love is always taken before it coins.

i am joining words of love in butterfly wings
i will never meet the other side of coin to sing.

this is how i fly in my wings to defy
these words i say will be a memory when i die.

cause i can’t defy where everything seems to be a lie
and i can’t deny when she is near and hereby.

she is a butterfly with such beautiful eyes
i met her in july being shy but can’t even fly.

i know nothing of why i want to try and retry
life without love is dry with conditions apply.

hey butterfly, it’s very hard for me to cry.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy the poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.
with love – inkyfire 


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