don’t disappear


\ yearning for you to hear me and my fears ! please don’t disappear /

♥ don’t disappear ♥

it’s not the first poem that my pen is jotting
and it will not be the last one that i am knotting
it is not just the first century in my plotting
but the second to blot my feelings from clotting.

i have written and quoted many words of emotions
like rains bursting from clouds to percolate motion
and light spreading its wings to protect the devotion
but none like you i met before, a heroine of oceanic notion.

i am searching for the adjective to talk in narrative
that when you came, time halted for making it effective
i go back and forth to breath you again in descriptive
i am lost as i say is my state in such summative.

a gift of love showered my soul being so reactive
love was born in such creative making me so addictive
i am holding on to you to let love hug us in captive
you are a girl so explosive to make life like a festive.

you became the hidden history creating such magical mystery
my heart was elated in your presence building the love chemistry
a vibe of soulful connection rooted in my thoughtful treasury
day passed by to make me realize you are my only fairy.

how do i write of you and your extreme reality?
you don’t even exist a devotee without a deity
dreams make me to fantasize you in my ambiguity
oxidizing my feelings to write and breath you in vitality.

lost being absent in my mind forgive me please for the crime
i know you in these words so far i have so much defined
love is blind to refine the thread between us in time
refreshing hope i want you to know that we can rhyme.

you are different, a rare one i have ever found
but i have been silent and waiting to hear your charismatic sound
when you are near i feel like heaven is around
once you are far and gone thoughts of you do always surrounds.

hello beauty, a friend of love like the one and only deity
i don’t know, forgive me but i know you are my almighty
you are my cure, almost lovers being in such fondly amity
thou please read the details in the fabric of love affinity.

the other side of paradise is between the lines i write
i am a criminal so read me and ignore no more in quite
if you ignore me, still love will grow infinitely being polite
hope is haunting and i believe we will surely unite.

if you are reading, try to search for your name here
i have hidden you from the crowd in the words sphere
a year has passed with you being a little near
yearning for you to hear me and my fears!
please don’t disappear.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.
with love – inkyfire