sweet sassy

hello friends,
it’s the nineteenth prompt of a-z challenge and i am really happy to enter it
i.e. a poem with the letter ‘s’.

thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poems.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ sweet sassy ♥

playing in her way to show her sexy and sassy sway
full in herself to blow her cheeky and classy array
painting her rosy lips, she is juicy and fruity anyway
sweet and fresh in her go, a chic i somewhat portray.

her presence delights the day in fame of golden light
her kiss is a trophy enchanting the coffee in twilight
a stardust under moonlight to serene the magical smite
she is an art of human, a masterpiece in her bright.

her eyes squeeze’s my vision to toss without any reason
a star shooting fireworks to ignite the emotional season
pretty and pleasing, softly entangling in seductive prison
storming the sensation to set the sage in spirited horizon.

she is a sweet sassy scintillating love in spectacular freedom.

so finally done 

sweet sassy

… get set go …

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks 

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