forgive me

 ♥ forgive me ♥

somewhere deep in your chest beneath
you taste grudge between your crystal teeth
you try to push me away in your angry heat
please forgive and let me stay in your love beat.

let yourself float in the power of forgiveness
and grow in its decision being doubtless
past remains the same, but adds value to the future
forgiveness is your choice to retain adventure.

freedom will creep into your beating heart
your soul will flow in peace to practice the art
joy will lead you ahead with a fiery zeal
please forgive and lets move on without a deal.

you are the only flower known to me that heals
brave and strong, you make me feel !

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks 

26 thoughts on “forgive me

  1. Lovey says:

    Beautiful. Forgiveness is what humans battle with. Millions of issues can be resolved in an instant with a pinch of forgiveness. Forgiving is liberating 🙂
    I, however, forgive by forgetting. And that’s the reason i am bad at remembering people and their names. 🙂 How do you forgive?

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    • Truly and beautifully said….. To forgive is to give happiness…. And I like that you forgive by forgetting…. Remembering names and all something’s becomes tough if you have many people in your circle…. But those who touches your heart…. You won’t forget them….
      And I forgive for the love I have towards them…. I swallow the pains somewhere in me and erase it…. 👊👊🙋😄🙆

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      • Lovey says:

        Do you think I am too big-headed to remember people’s name even if I have too many people in my circle? What I implied was that I don’t dredge up my bad experiences with people who have done us wrong. I don’t remember them but I remember lessons left by them. Also, I don’t have a massive amount of people in my circle. You are too kind and thoughtful to forgive people for your love towards them. We need many more good hearted people like you. Thumbs up to your approach. 

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      • Sorry I got that wrong… Buy yet I got this too…. And yes… To learn the lesson out of the experience is the most important thing…. And I follow this too…. Yes for LOVE standing the reason in all…. I am living…. 👍👍🙋👊

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  2. Such a touching poem…thank you for sharing!
    Forgiveness is such a struggle yet so worthwhile and necessary. You can’t have any form of long term relationship without constant forgiveness and not hanging onto grudges.
    xx Rowena

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    • its hard to forget the painful moments in our life and so you have rightly said not to forget…. we move on and we have to move on letting go off the stony moments 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep forgiving !!


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