her smile

her smile

♥ her smile ♥

her smile is such a sexy stretch
she saturates happiness in fetch
her rosette lips glowing in etch
a flower smiles in miles, i sketch.

her smile makes me smile in silent
my heart kindles love soon in extent
i can’t express my feelings to relent
her smile is a treasure to savor content.

her smile is one in a zillion beam
of universe, of space in the gleam
i sleep in fond shaded of her dream
she lights my night to morning stream.

i cherish her smile in miles to supreme.

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks 

being 23

being 23

hello hello hello,

i wish myself a very happy birthday.
stepping into another new year and age of my life.
feeling blessed and happy from all around.
a great thanks to my parents for supporting me and guiding me in every walk of my life.
and thanks to all my friends, dear ones and all loved ones.
thank you almighty for this life and letting me see everyday of my life. thank you all so much.

i wrote a poem dedicating to myself on my birthday.
thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poem.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ being 23 ♥

i woke up this morning being 23

a day to celebrate my life’s history

my heart smiles in love and care wholly

i am born today to cherish joy in glee.

! happy birthday to me !

i knocked heavens door to explore love entirely

i make memories with the gift of life foresee

i am a baby to my mother, always will be

i am a fruit of love, born to make my own story.

this is me celebrating myself. blessed with the gift of life. wishing myself strength, wisdom and many more years of joy, love, fun, health and prosperity. birthdays come and go, adding a new way of life in the circle but here i am and here i will stay. that’s all i have to say as i walk my way…
with love ❤:)❤ to me – prabhatks 


liebster award – inkyfire

hola – viola – award for my blog –
i am so happy like drinking coca-cola.

its been quite a long journey but not that regular one on blogging. though i have been doing as much i can from my end to keep the promise to myself. it’s really so great to be a part of the blogging community that connects us to a level like family. i used to see other bloggers present their award on their blog and i wondered : who gives them the award? is there a panel of the judge? how will i achieve such award? and finally this year i cant believe getting all these awards (yes!! not one !! but more than i expected!!)

but… but… but… i am really sorry to them who nominated me and to myself for not responding for long. i was stuck with some problems around the corner and lost myself to find the way here. and i am trying hard to get on the track. hope for the best to happen ahead.

i got four nominations for this award (dejavu) (yahoooo) (googly-wooglywush) (ha ha ha ha)

1. cheers to you panorama i love your perspective towards writing. keep up your spirits high and live life in the light. you really write from your heart. keep writing.

2. cheers to you daisy willows i love your blog with all the musings you put forward. (i am not a person to hide my thoughts and skeletons in the closet.  i like to rattle the bone out of them. ) i like your daisy in the willows.

3. cheers to you aurawithwriting i love your virtual space with all the real emotions flowing in the form of words. keep sharing your mind’s desire, i am happy to read it all in the blow of fire.

4. i was nominated for the first time ever in this award category by a blogger but unfortunately i couldn’t find it now to thank. i lost the link and couldn’t find the source. but still i kept this space to thank for the nomination i received. thank you so much. i hope this message reaches you someway flowing through the air. ( 🙂 )

thank you so much for nominating with such credit and distinction to you all. i wrote it all in one post because it’s the same award. and it really really means a lot to me. thank you so much to you all.

for those who are not aware, the liebster award is given to bloggers who share great contents and have less than a thousand followers. it is one way to recognize and promote the efforts and works of new bloggers.

now a little bit of information about myself. here are few random facts:

1. i am a boy. (ha ha ha)
2. i am a lover. ( ❤ ❤ )
3. i am a human. ( 🙂 🙂 )
4. and the most important fact is now you are reading me and it makes me feel so so great.
5. sorry for not taking all questions into the play.

as per rules, i grab this moment to nominate my favorite bloggers. so, here are my “fav 11” bloggers:

1. insidethelifeofmoi (an eccentric blogger, with a pen and a thousand ideas)
2. areadingwritr (i read because i write. | i write because i read.)
3. lookaround! (love what you do! do it well!)
4. with love (Sono una casinista con l’hobby delle emozioni..♥)
5. alifyalifestyle (Join in for everyday lifestyle & beauty chit chat!)
6. arwenaragornstar (A French girl’s musings…)
7. mandibelle16 (Thoughts, Words, Expression, Articles.)
8. laliterati (Lucidly in shadows. Poetry from a hand that writes misty.)
9. mahevashmuses (living in the present and embracing my inner child)
10. nogynyan (photography, fashion, animals and many other things!)
11. lamarrwenrich (her heart is on fire**)

rules of the award:

thank the person who nominated you, and also post a link to their blog on your blog. try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

1. display the award on your blog.
2. for the 2016 liebster award write a 150-300 word description about your favorite blog (with a link to it) that is not your own.
3. provide 10 random facts about yourself. this is an optional choice (as it was for me), it’s perfectly fine if you don’t wish to include this in your post.
4. nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers.
5. list these rules in your post.
6. inform the blogger the happy news that you nominated them for the liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn more about it (they might not have even heard of it!)

i also forward congratulations to all the nominees out there. have happy moments ahead !!

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love  inkyfire  prabhatks