xanadu xade

hello friends,
it’s the twenty-sixth (lastday of a-z challenge and i am here with my twenty-fourth prompt
(i am very late – really feeling sorry of it)
i.e. a poem with the letter ‘x’ in it most. also the title is all ‘x-x’.
thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my poem.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ xanadu xade ♥

a girl i met in such paradise of beauty
she is bathe in flames of natural fruity
a beauty smiling through all seasons mighty
her voice dances the million sounds of fluty.

i was born into life to meet her in her eyes
a gate to her heart enchants to kiss her skies
i saw her face of profound grace into reprise
a girl of magnificent beauty charms to surprise.

i visualize her in my dreams, a tangible flower
she is alive to grow forever in her beauty power
she is the dawn breaking the day in love shower
a crystal of luck and love being her best dower.

she is a beauty existing ever drawn of heaven
i am lost in her xanadu eyes to feel like even
she is the rainbow after the rain drops enliven
her soul echoes love to grow into eternal liven.

her charisma cheers me hello, a fruit so marrow
i breath her beauty in my imaginations to follow
she is unique and real perfection of love mellow
a gift of beauty, my earth is heaven in her xoxo.

being with her is magic, i walk in her hands fame
my dreams are alive to destiny in her beauty name
i aim to write my art in smile of her idyllic flame
dropping million inks in fond of her xanadu frame.

she is a shooting star in the sky shines to exclaim
she is one xanadu xade of paradise fame, oh she came!

so finally done 

… more to go …

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks 


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