an angelic amor

hello friends,
so i wish you all a great month ahead and wishing you april’s fool day
(don’t be a fool) :p
it’s the first day of a-z challenge and i am happy to enter it with my first prompt
i.e. a poem with the letter ‘a’ in it most. also the title is all ‘a-a-a’.
likewise i will be posting everyday prompt with the letters of everyday prompt
as the days in the month follows and according to the guideline of the challenge.
thank you for your time and i hope my poems are worth it.
love you all. enjoy and celebrate.
keep the fun alive.

♥ an angelic amor ♥

an angel in her beauty, silent in her deep grace
i have seen the heaven, a star in my sky embrace
an angel of happiness and joy in her light trace
she holds my heart and mind, she lures me to ace.

her blue eyes, flowing within a sea of love waves
her smile is bright and glowing with golden raves
her kiss tastes like fine wine of my cherry faves
she is an angelic amor of aflame drug, i airwaves

a dream of her in my sleepless night lifts me up
she is the only wing of my dark life to fly me up
she is the star of every day and night sky linkup
she is the angel of my dream, i love her aye cups.

she is my love, she is my life in universe unfold
she is my angel, i walk to see the world blindfold
her voice is sweet, i drink her nectar of love told
she made me a whole with her presence handhold.

i love her today, i loved her in the past i do say
she is my future, i will love her every day to lay
she is the reason, the light in my ups and downs ay
her love and care has grown like life in its play.

i adore her being absorbed in her attractive ablaze
she has animated by her amazing able amorous amaze
an ardent angel avidly and astonishingly in blaze
she has arrested me in her angelic amor, i praise.

she is one, i feel her touch and caress in core ace.

so finally done 

2b5aa-a… get set go …

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks 


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