i seek – her love

i seek – her love 

my heart is a solid iron candy
oh it pains in my fleshy body
i seek for her love in embody
igniting my icy heart in toddy

to feel her tender, care in render
soul of her like butterfly blender
only her touch is my warm splendour
being by her side to be her fender

her face is a beauty of like angel
a swan opening her white wings excel
to swim in my heart, a graceful bell
all darkness will sweeten in her dwell

a lonely stone under the moonlight rain
covered in shadows of sting breaths in
i wait for her to gait in my life lane
a moon to ignite my heart like helen
her name in explain, she is my cocaine.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you. love you. see you soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


16 thoughts on “i seek – her love

    • Thank you so much Millie …. Glad that you liked it ….it’s just while writing the lines flows out of my theme. … And it feels great that it has got the impact …. Thanks a lot Mille 🙌😊😉👊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s never i think of Millie … It’s fine and I do understand we have a lot to do …. I wish you best of luck for your book…. And I believe in positivity …. That’s all matters 😊😊😊🙌🙌👍👍 …


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