a butterfly of love

a butterfly of love 

she, a soul of love in her free will
a butterfly so soft in her angel wings
she magnetizes and mesmerizes, air still
a butterfly to trap the robin in a swing

she, a mystery of sorcerer love history
a butterfly so sweet and sharp in sense
she, a cocoon gyrates swathe in love glory
a butterfly to exist in grace covert immense

she, a soul to fly alone in the blue sky
a butterfly to touch the cloud in the high
she, a spirit discovering her growth in fly
a butterfly to explore the world around spy

she wings my midnight dreams in the light
she is the love, i cherish in bitter plight
she smiles in her waver, such is her delight
she dances in her way around, eyes in sprite

she is pinkish, a dazzling heart in mellow
she is a friend to walk the earth like helo
she is a queen in sun tears to bath in jello
she is a freedom chased by demise in hello

she, a beauty dawn of angelic creation
a butterfly begins her flight in elevation
she is out in light breaking off her cocoon
a butterfly in her wings onset to free maroon

she, a butterfly, the pearl of light in flight
ignited in gust, breezing perfume is her might

she is a butterfly of love enchanting unite.

—–: ❤ :—–

thank you so much for stopping by. it means a lot to me. i will really appreciate your thoughts on this. see you soon.

with love – prabhatks


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