pain is my love

pain is my love 

the body is abandoned of its living grace
the difference is seen on my black face
the soul is wounded in pain, hard to erase
the tears from bloodshot eyes, stains to deface

i wish happiness could surround around me
but pain has plagued my life and trouble be
its so hard to relate the words of agony sea
the name is a key to express its woe degree

the sky changed its colour from blue to black
my heart is dark shorn of wings in its back
the race of life is quite and an empty track
i walk alone being lonely amid cloudy wrack

pain is my love to be in abundant within peace
i feel better with its sorrow and sad grease
my anger is trapped and destroyed to cease
my smile is a lie, faking face in release

i wish pain was a dream in bed of dark night
but is a capsule to let me sleep in quite light
pain is my love of strong and weak excite
pain is my love, a novel i will ever write.

thank you so much for stopping by. i found your love. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks


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