she lusts to wander

she lusts to wander 

she sits under the vivid clear blue sky
still and divine in her breathless vie

pull her fears out to hold the chi crown
journey set to sense her way candid down

green is the grass, blue is the icy water
omens to raise high her adventure shutter

the persona in her mind circles to wander
she lusts to set off into the blue yonder

a rose to survive in a shower of gravel
no power will ever dim her ignited travel

blue waves beating the shore seeking for
her desire springs all tunes to open door

out of silky royal bed like you ever read
turned into a wheel to colour her way ahead

a daisy girl intricated in her present curl
out of heimweh to fernweh, she is set to hurl.

thank you so much for stopping by. i found your love. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks

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