love starts to continue

love starts to continue 

so where to start,
i just met her,
a rosy red heart
she is so mellow,
a grace filled art
the truth of her beauty,
a love in dart
she is a butterfly,
free will is her tart.

so here it begins,
we met at the inn,
when the frosts set in
a joy in my core heart,
like music in violin
carrying every emotions,
fear, love, doubt within,
a gift of mighty nature,
i see her in blissful spin.

and so it continues,
two seasons knotted,
being as one they kissed
life follows their way,
happy they live to coexist
love being the reason,
the promise in fist
at any time or at any season,
love never missed.

so the story exists,
she knocks my heart,
i open the door anew
we help each other,
the day turns into blue
working and cooking as one,
breathing new life into
the symphony in life caresses,
the night blend us in glue.

love starts to continue…
it never ends to be new.
it exists to renew…

thank you so much for stopping by. i found your love. it means a lot to me. i will see you soon.

with love – prabhatks


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