life exits in love’s crown

life exits in love’s crown

life is a wonder,
i sing in its asunder
i walk the way,
i dream in day to blender
counting the moments in singular,
i expect her love in plural splendor
being in my desire,
i push me in her fire extender
we play to thunder,
love is yet a wonder choir render.

life is to live,
we live to love
nothing lasts forever,
but still we endeavour
hunger is a crazy game,
we compete to end the flame
beauty is all around to exclaim,
and love being the mainframe
life is a wonder,
love is yet a meander proclaim.

i am someone,
i have my name found
life is love,
i am in true love’s playground
i am a warrior,
wisdom is my background
we are born with life,
we live in it’s vive renowned
she is my ardour all around,
i want to see my love crowned.

thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again.