love in self trance

love in self trance 

love in my heart dilates,
i be her knight to sedate
i wait for her to gate,
she is not in love to elate
i shed my tears in crate,
my heart is broken in late.

crying for her is a waste,
she tore me apart in sore paste
i am a trash in her taste,
unrequited love is a barren chaste.

i am not in her center,
she has another doors to enter
my affection repeats to reenter,
i desire your love mentors
you be my hearts epicenter,
your love torments me off-centre.

hopeless is my destiny,
knocking your heart arrests me
wounded inside, bathing in blood,
arrows of ignorance hurts to flood
my one-side love afflicts in tender,
you blunder my love to surrender.

you are innocent,
but my love is without balance
i want your romance,
but you slam the door in glance
the truth is accepted in prance,
i have to be in my self trance.


thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


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