i say in love – love is the way

i say in love – love is the way 

love is the way,
i will eye to play
alarm the storms away,
i will alight on valentine’s day
jump over the mountains lay,
i will swim the floods fray
i heard the fountains whisper say,
our love is immortal to die grey.

a day of lovers meeting to play,
the breath of life animates to stay
full of care and love hurray,
i present my love a flower in heyday
i crave this day to be every day,
myriad daisy tantalizes love to spray.

the star shines to say,
the colours of our love displays
the flower of emotions blooms every day,
angels in my dreams draws to may
in love to find the way,
love is the only way.

so love today and
every day.


thanks for visiting me and keep visiting. thank you all. love you all. see you all soon again. 

with love – prabhatks


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