love you wholly

❤ love you wholly ❤

love you wholly

love you wholly

love you wholly

you are the sun,
my love on cloud nine;
every breath of you,
i feel life to streamline;
you dazzle and hazel glance,
the day falls to end;
in the twilight wend,
i kiss your lips to commend.

you are the star,
you are the light;
when the night is alive,
you are my sight;
in your dreams,
the sleep inception twinkles;
awaken to first light,
my love in light sprinkles.

you are the daylight,
you are the nightlight;
every day of my life,
you sing and dance me to knight;
your love is a sacred flame,
burns eternally in light;
your love is my destiny,
i will keep the glow in bright.

you are my joy in synchrony,
i love you solely, i love you in jolly,
i love you wholly.

love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep seeing me. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks


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