love in yarn of life

hello friends’
here is a new one from last week….
“love in gust” .. come, read and explore my thoughts in this poetic verse….. i would be happy to know your thoughts in this love ….. here it goes…..

love in yarn of life

love in yarn of life

“love in yarn of life”

where do i start, to start my story;
i am lost in thoughts, wonders of memories;
i stand and stare, mirror in the front prime;
musings of life, transitioning in the mind line.

oh! i remember, the flash in the glory;
i was born in 90’s, love followed me swiftly;
naughty being classified, calm and disciplined in loud;
i was a child crossing the ages of life in sound.

life is fleeting, love keeps the revolution running;
i feel and frame, the moments of love spinning;
i had a crush, change being constant in course;
love was captivating, distance of hearts drawn close.

every girl i bump into, eye catching the sight;
been in crush for short, infatuation might live for long;
the feelings kept me alive and so strong;
but never found a love and i long;
by love i mean the better half and the soul;
she will cling till my last breath and i hold.

stay in narration, with love and affection;
my life have seen pain and sufferings in confliction;
the heart cries in expressions, love kills the devotion;
i dance, sing and write to heal my heart’s emotion.

the story is here, i alarm to end it so near;
life is a journey of love and pain in fear;
and so i hear, and so i gear;
today is slipping away, tomorrow will flip the way;
everyday is a new life, love and live in the high way;
where story is ended, love in yarn of life is folded.

love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep seeing me. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks


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