love in gust

hello friends’
here is a new one from last week….updating little lately .. still it’s never too late to do anything….
“love in gust” .. come, read and explore my thoughts in this poetic verse…..

love in gust

love in gust

“love in gust”

the wind is blowing from left to right,
you passed by me like a cosmic light;
my soul got enlighten in a function of sight,
refreshed with the feelings of love in light.

all of a sudden you crossed my mind,
with the smell of your beauty touching my heart;
the breeze of the wind has lifted me high,
i am lost in-flight with the emotions drive.

you were here close to my heart proximity,
i whisper you come to stay in my core infinity;
in my spirit i desire to hold the time in activity,
i breath with intense aspire to feel your rhythm divinity.

i will find you in pursuit of your emotions,
being with your compassion and love sensing action;
the wind will blow from right to left direction,
and i will arrest all the moments of affection.

love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep seeing me. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks


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