love in creation

where is love – ❤ … in my heart or my soul … in and out love rolls me in every feelings i have known … love is everywhere i see … so i wrote this piece “love in creation” as i feel LOVE is the only reason of existence and it will always be the only light to illuminate every soul and spirit and matter in the whole space around us. here i go 🙂 —

love in creation

love in creation

“love in creation” 

sun, moon, earth into the space;
made the galaxies, dusts in love;
collision is creation, gases in reaction;
attraction and repulsion, molecules in action;
every matter is framed of love and devotion.

for life, a sense of touch and feel;
love enchants the reactions to heal;
neutrons, protons, atoms and molecules;
emotive into the air as free radicals;
love is the element to stabilize the particles.

sun glows and ignites, moon tosses the light;
earth captures and resides, the space in-flight;
the chain is constant, infinite in reprise;
love clings to fight, protecting events in life;
love is the light, creation is unified.

down on earth, the nature of life environs;
rivers flowing, mountains rising;
filled in greens, the trees are growing;
clouds in sky, showers the rain;
light from the sun, makes the living end.

humans, animals and micro-livings in move;
love is emotion with feelings in loop,
tenderly, the heart beats in spirit elation;
the touch in a sense, depicts the motion;
the phase of love spins the creation.

here i outlook, love in creation;
love has no definition, no explanation;
for the word itself, love is a wonder;
a part of complex, sphere i surrender;
with big bang and black holes, i sheer,
love is the essence of creation, i hear.

love you all. see you all soon again. thanks for visiting me once again and keep seeing me. will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. thank you all.

with love – prabhatks


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