love – emotion of fate

hello friends’

here is another poem written by me. i feel the love is a coincidence that happens to be a twist of fate where the emotions roll down the heart and creates the feeling of affection. here it goes –🙂

love - emotion of fate

love – emotion of fate

love – emotion of fate

i met you, a beautiful coincidence,
it was an essence of love incense;
my feelings were rolling me down,
with the emotions flowing around.

i talked with you in glee trance,
with the rising sensation of love;
being lost in passion and in desire,
to feel the rhythm of your heart in fire.

i feel the light, i am in the flight,
walking on the air, laughing out i cheer;
i run and wander, rotate and flounder,
with emotions so vibrant like dazzling thunder.

feeling the feeling of love,
loving the feeling of elation;
is this a mere infatuation,
or a lust for the love in reaction.

my intention of love and affection,
is not a fun of short lived obsession;
my emotions for you is touching,
and the breath of love is warming.

this emotion was an alien,
the feeling of love was unsolved;
in your presence the perception is unfold,
my love is known, twist of fate is shown.

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all. – prabhatks


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