a love so silent

hello friends’

here is another poem written by me. i feel the love is silent that glows in our heart and keeps us shining in the light. here it goes – 🙂 ❤

a love so silent

a love so silent

a love so silent

the night is silent, the day is bright
everywhere i see, my love is alive
i feel her around, walking by my side
she is so peaceful, a pure love in light

a song in mind, moving around i shine
a feel of her presence, lifts me up in height
she tangles me in core, in the music she holds
silence is so pure, drawing us together in cold

a love so silent, a feeling so elite
she is a glory, so calm and bright
my dreams are alive, her footprint’s on my life
every morning i rise, my love is so silent and quite

silent is a creation, of nature’s opposite reaction
in my heart it dwells, a loving hushed emotion
it’s neither black nor white, full of colour’s in wide
with comfort and silence, my love is felt in light

i have my dreams, i have my visions
i will stay with her, is my choice with reason
the choice to love in silence, for it has no rejection
and to love in dreams, where i own the mighty perfection

she will come, in my words i say
she will stay, in my feelings i have
she will love, in the silence i draw
and so i feel the change in the blow
where love will conceal us in the silent glow.

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all. – prabhatks


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