i see you in me

hello friends’

here is another poem written by me. its about how i see my love and where do i see her. i see her in me.

i see you in me

i see you in me

i see you in me

i see the sunshine,
from the glow on your face
the birds are chirping;
like the smile on your lips

i see your beauty,
in the silent nature’s reflection
you are the magic;
to reveal the moment in flashing action

i see a soul in stillness,
like the vastness of an ocean in deepness
you are my affection;
with my heart seeking it’s lively emotion

you are the freedom,
like the morning breezes in it’s rhythm
you come and stay and never leave;
i accept with you my life is complete

i feel the power in you;
your presence will heal my life in lieu

you are the air, i breath;
you are the sunshine, i see
you are the feelings, i have;
you are the timeless truth of beauty, i know

and i know you are in me.

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all. – prabhatks


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