you are my fairy

Hello Friend’s,
I feel there is this girl somewhere around the globe whom I feel and write all these. But she is a Fairy unknown to me now. May be she is in her Fairy world dreaming about me and so I feel her around and able to write these lines out of those feelings. I even don’t know when I am going to get her to share the love and light and celebrating the life together as one. One of my very close friend said to me, “It is just a glimpse or a glimmer in the distance. But it is always there seeking us like we are seeking it. Some day who you are seeking will find you… she is looking for you too”. Here comes my Fairy, the Fairy of my life. You are my Fairy, the flower to bloom my life.

you are my fairy

you are my fairy

“you are my fairy”

oh my fairy girl,
you are the one i see,
in the world around me;
just a wish to be with you,
…… and keep you forever in sound; ……
i was never so close to you,
as much i am with you now;
and ever being so close to you,
…… i never ever want to part from you; ……
you being there and i am here,
we both are trying to make it clear;
that no nothing and ever anything,
could place a mark on our relation;
and no obstacle in our way of being,
…… would be a cause of distraction; ……
you are my fairy and i am your sunshine,
and we both together can see the moonshine;
i would eternally be with you forever,
…… and trust your company being together; ……
i find in you an angel’s look,
with a view in mind i make a move;
describing you is not in my reach,
…… but thinking of you is in my grip; ……
… i love you my angel …
…. i love you fairy ….

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all. – prabhatks

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