a fairy in light

You are a Fairy – A beauty wonder.  A soul story – A love wonder. You are a Queen – My dream Wonder.
I wrote it 🙂 🙂 because I saw you <3. You are a Fairy in light.

a fairy in light

a fairy in light

a fairy in light

a wonder, a beauty, a look so divine
i see a fairy in quite illusioned mind
she holds my sight into the blaze of light
her look surrounds me with millions colours in eyes

look, who i see a beauty from light
her face is so perfect, clear and bright
i dream of her beauty every single night
she wears the colour of nature’s spirit inside

a colour so passionate and vibrant in sight
it’s the flower blooming my life
i feel it’s magic, a fairy tale dream
she hails down the heaven, a fairy in wings

once upon a time, i dreamt of a fairy tale life
a girl by my side, her wings in flight
now i see a beautiful, vibrant fairy in glide
she is around in the colour of light
now i see my wonder, a fairy in light
and i see you again

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all. – prabhatks


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