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Hello Friend’s,

This is a short poetic verse that I wrote long ago. I was traveling in bus away from home to stay in hostel in my high school times. The feeling to stay away from parents (Mom-Dad) during that stage in life is something that every child would feel in their way and this is what came out of me with those feelings. I wrote it like I could never think of it – How?. It was the alphabetic keys on my Nokia phone and the note application in that mobile, that i could save those feelings in words that matters to me a lot always. I thought to post it and shout out my feelings here because I just felt doing it.

Also I want to dedicate it to my loved ones and those special ones in my life. I would love to know your thoughts and whatever you think on it. So please feel free to drop your words as you are here.

|come make the world alive spreading oneness|

prabhatks_i swear

i swear

i swear that i will always be
the no. 1 boy for you
dividing the rules of heaven & hell
i shall try not to fail
you gave me the life to perfect myself
and i shall never try to be imperfect
i promise not to fail you ever
so ever my breath continues
you are my heaven
and i pray your presence
you promise not to go away ever
and leave me alone
cause lonely is the only word
i hate to live with
and coordinate my life so long ….

— prabhat ks —

thanking you always and see you soon. love – <3.


One thought on “prabhatks | i swear

  1. You are Integrity, and
    You are Love
    You have Special Stories in you to tell, and
    You know you are Unique and Different
    You are Impeccable with your work, and
    You are Loyal to your world
    You are Happiness, and
    You have the Power and Can Do what you set out to do
    You are Peace, and
    You Give Peace to others
    You, are Capable!

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