Dance || live it – move it

Hello again, thank you for coming back to see me. I am dancing today. You know dance. Come let’s dance together. I want to go with words first then we make the action and make the words flow into the move. Join me. Here it goes. Dance dance dance. What–? Read it out loud. And move it into the crowd and shout !!

Dance is a magic. It’s the movement of body in rhythm. It’s your way of feeling the music, the sound, the vibration in you. It’s a sense of making your soul invisible to mind.


I see the world dancing in air. I see the streets dancing in lights. It’s all the day, all the time around. There are ways in and ways out to live the dance in every sphere out. If you ask me what is dance – ? For me it’s just a movement. It’s just a step that makes you feel the emotion of that move.

You know music, it’s to do with mind and emotion keeping you alive in feeling the motion. And that motion of anything or something with the music or vibration gives that form a name of DANCE.

The space has dusts and debris moving, earth rotating and revolving, the tree leaves moving, the water flowing and falling. Every move is rolling in deep. What I see here is DANCE. I see the clock ticking, the thunder lightening, the electric shocking, and everybody works around in daily. Everyone, everywhere all around feels the motion, the driving force of nature emotion. And so we understand the matrix of evolution that fills the world with the dance revolution.

Dance is an act, a result of mixed and remixed art. It is every action of your life. It’s an exercise, yoga, swimming, laughing, and so on ACTION makes DANCE.

Now I see the world. I see the future. The world has moved in the transition of evolution. There is competition with divine intention and dedication. I want to be the one and only people’s favorite attention. Everywhere there is a hunt for talent, searching the best out of the best creation. I don’t know where it leads to. I just know it’s a way to – a way to extract and bring out the talents hidden underground in silent having no way and means to show them out. It’s an opportunity and the best source of getting into the move making dance a lifetime journey in the groove.

Why do we dance – ? I think there is a lot more answers coming from each and every one out in the world with a different view and mind and also a different purpose from them who are dancing and making their move in their way. Not a single answer is going to fulfill the reason to why we dance. But yes DANCING for PLEASURE is what the real answer I see coming from everyone and it has to stay on the top of it.

I love to dance when I get the chance to show myself into it. I go crazy the way I can into the word. I make my move. I make my form. This is what I want. When my body feels the emotion and action grooves the music.

Whosoever is reading here my thoughts and views, I just have to say that it just takes one step, just one step to make the move and pleasure your mood with that move you feel into the moment. Dance and Dance keeping yourself healthy, live, laughing, happy, loving in the form to bounce and make your motion anywhere you feel the vibration and be alive with dance. In the end – DANCE is also love, respect and trust in its way. You will find it into its journey your own way.

“Life of DANCE is not that easy too but that one perfect moment into it will make you feel alive”

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all.


3 thoughts on “Dance || live it – move it

  1. ihawks choco gonzaga says:

    oh, its beautiful!!
    yeah, the dance floor of life has our song, playing.. we dont miss it out!
    life is a dance., we learn as we go… sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow. we must be adventorous… its time to give ourself permission to be ourself, relax about life and have fun and dance with the opportunity.


    ╔══╗ ♫
    ║██║ ♪♪
    ║ ◎♫♪♫
    ╚══╝ Turn Up The Music!!!

    Music♩♪♫♬ Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %
    Watch “Madagascar I Like To Move it remix” on YouTube – Madagascar I Like To Move it remix:


  2. Interestingly, some natives or races have strong ‘musical’ culture and I truly appreciate them. Music releases and free our mind.

    Personally, I enjoy a certain music and dance but not very much into it. There are times for fast music, there are times for slow music. Depending on my mood and need at that moment. This we can control. On the other hand, there were and will be times when we are in a situation where music is there. (Like right now, I can hear renovators drilling the walls of another unit near my house ;p), this we can’t control. (Oh yes, may be I can move to a further place so I don’t hear it ;p) But the point is, we got to adapt and be at peace with our inner selves. This I am still learning.

    Thanks Prabhat. You have a very kind soul. Live well and with love.

    To your Abundance,
    Sandy 🙂

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  3. Ah yes! DANCE my friend dance! 🙂 I love to dance when the mood strikes me. And it really does change your ‘flow’ when you allow your soul to move. As Sandy stated….music it moves me. The different beats, the melodies, the words they all play a part in to what speaks to us. It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm in your writing as I know if reflects your life. I also love how you brought into this piece that you see dance in the driving force of nature…with the trees and the water and the thunder and lightening. What a wonderful way to see the world. ♥

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