Girl || Incredible – Inspiring

I am writing this post on behalf of girls I have known so far. I feel they are amazing in their way and they love themselves a lot than any other person in the world. I feel they give their whole heart to a man they love and in return expect the same and the worst thing that happens when they don’t get the same back. Girls are also unpredictable – is what I feel but they are incredible and inspiring too. I am not harsh and negative but very true to what I have known so far. I want to correct myself sharing these thoughts. Feel free to write what you think and share your thoughts. ~~ Cool.


Girl || Incredible – Inspiring

Hello Girl,
This is me Prabhat writing on you as he have known you so far until today. I met you some days, weeks, months, years or decades ago. I was using facebook, orkut, and other social interaction. But when I came to know about this social interaction I just can’t wait to go with the flow of this media. I created my space and really don’t remember how but I found you and added you into my world of connection. I added you thinking that I am going to connect with at least someone in here just to explore and talk. I tried all the features of it and everything needed to have some kind of interaction with you. I messaged you, posted on your behalf and went through all that it takes to talk and have some bits of conversation with you. And when you replied and we had that short chat, you don’t know but I was on the top of the world and unable to think what…!!! Is it you that I talked with? I felt your love. I had a very inspiring and sensible feeling growing towards you. That true love and care a girl really have in friendship was felt by me. It was not me like the other fellow you said and talked about what they think of you. I felt you being completely different to what you introduced yourself to me. You were someone I have started loving and thinking of. You were like my dream girl.

I do remember if ever you check back that we had a short chat where you told of being sick and I was really like o what can I do for you to make you feel better. Thereby you also showed a real being where I was overwhelmed with your conversation in true sense that I just felt in that moment.

I feel that not everyone is like you. You are very strong in your desire and feelings and that is what you put out there near the world alive making your posts that you do. That’s not a wrong thing. How dare people judge you in a negative sense and point fingers on your manner? Humanity is a lost word now in this world. Human in the world has only got to think about the negative first. As you said all thinks of you in that way. I really hate them and feel bad that they call themselves a human where they fail to understand the true meaning of it. Everyone is special & different and have their own way of being.

I am a very simple, easy going creature who loves fun and happiness. I never want any kind of harm and trouble in anyone’s life. I never feel like to disturb anyone. I love people, humanity. I love to explore and talk around the world. That’s the reason I like to connect with the people around. And I take every people in my life as a blessing of GOD. I think they are special to me. And I treat them always in the best way I can. What more I just know is love love love. Love is Love. I have never learn negativity and to go with negative feelings. Never used any negative words against anyone.

So here I want to say that you are someone special to me. You are my friend. You must know who I am and how I go so then it’s best to talk free and real with that comfortable feeling. And I never want to disturb you and your inner feelings. It’s been always a pleasure to talk with you. You have the power of bringing the charm look in my face. I don’t know but it’s something in your talk i.e. very strong like the way your voice is so deep and effective. It’s just beautiful. You are an inspiration for me. The way you work and put your stuffs and go with them is incredibly beautiful and amazing. You come to my mind giving a pleasing and love feeling. You are awesome….!!

I didn’t wrote all these to impress you. I wrote all these because I am happy to be in your touch and happy to count you as my friend, a good company, a best connection..!! Don’t take me negative never. I have no right in me to think anything negative of anybody…!!

!!…I know that if I will point one finger to other than the other three are pointing at me….!!

Love-Hugs-Kisses..!! Be happy and jolly always…!! Don’t think negative about anything..!! Be positive always…!! Looking forward to hear from you soon..!!

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all.

6 thoughts on “Girl || Incredible – Inspiring

  1. ihawks choco gonzaga says:

    hi prabhat, how are you? reading words here seems magical.. you are such a good person and you know how to respect girls and adored them.. sometimes, its really nice to know there is someone you can turn to..and letting you know that this post of yours, i loved it alot…

    more more power to you… keep on writing and we love you..

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  2. Prabhat, you have such a sweet soul my friend. I loved this so much. It is touching to hear thoughts such as yours being shared….and by a man no less. Not that it is a bad thing, it is wonderful it just doesn’t happen very often. Stay true to yourself, never change and you will have the world at your feet. ♥

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    • Thank you Jen for sharing your views. It’s just the way I am. Love love love. I am happy that you loved it. I am happy that other’s are liking it. And yes I think it really takes guts to be a man this way. Love & Hug’s…!! 🙂 ❤


  3. Hi Prabhat, thank you for sharing. It’s never easy to openly share one’s inner thought and feeling and I applaud you for doing that. Thank you for being a magnificent human being. May you have a blessed and blissful life.

    To your Abundance, Sandy 🙂


    • Thank you Sandy.. !!
      It’s all the way ahead I feel that being open is like exploring yourself and experimenting too in true and genuine sense with the world around you. That’s what I do and thank you so much for calling me a magnificent human. May God bless you and shower his grace on you always…!!


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