Human || Love, Respect & Trust

What is LOVE? What is RESPECT? What is TRUST? Why do I need LOVE and RESPECT & TRUST? Are they connected? What is the significance of LOVE & RESPECT & TRUST? I really don’t know the exact definition and explanation to go about it but would love to share what I feel and think about it. What is my inner view towards it? Can that view of mine be taken into social consideration? Hope you are going to get engulf in my writings today. Even if you don’t like it, do read it..! I will appreciate your time and effort ahead always and ever.

human||love, respect & trust

human||love, respect & trust

 Love and respect is the feeling of inner conscience. It is the feeling that awakens the heart and mind together. Love is a connection that binds two hearts and respect is all that goes with the feeling of trust in it.

 “Love is a feeling connected to respect with trust”

Loving is respecting and so the truth beholds it. Love is the way to understand the choice of someone and respecting it encourages the understanding with truth and honesty. Love is a feeling of desire and respect requires the essence of need. Love has a deep relation with respect. There is a give and take environment in love and respect which has its importance with the truth and honesty.

 “Love is unity; Respect is dignity”

Love and respect for you starts on the day when you were born in your mother’s womb. Not to forget you are an offspring of love and respect with complete trust in it. Your living is a smile for someone and your way of being is an inspiration for someone. The love for you in someone’s heart puts the smile on their face and the respect brings the honor to you in every case. All that is enforced is the trust to build the love and respect pyramid. Love and respect sits at the bottom and trust holds the power to remain at the peak.

love, respect & trust || pyramid

love, respect & trust || pyramid

 “Love is friendship which has respect and trust as their base elements”

Where there is love there is friendship; and friendship has respect and trust i.e. from both ends. Respect fills love with trust. Whoever you encounter in life just go for the good in them and respect them in the go. Learn to respect and return it without expectation which will fulfill your love and trust emotion. You will find respect and love in every sphere of your life.

 Love, Respect and Trust is not an individual aspect but it’s something to do in mutual perspective.

These are the base that forms a relation with unity and affinity. The most important base to any relation in the first instance is to love and respect yourself in true sense having self-trust. Love, respect and trust is a motivation to mankind and the living souls on earth. It achieves its complete meaning when the voids in the relations are filled with proper communication.

I want to quote here that if you want to see yourself in others, you have to be the reflection of their image. You have to love, respect and be honest to earn the same in return for yourself. Be yourself without hiding your originality because if you cannot, it will be a shame on you that you will later on regret in your loneliness. Also never feel sorry for being you, because it’s what you are and people must learn to perceive you in the way you travel your distance.

 So I want to conclude myself here because if I continue I think some more and more and more words will be poured without my conscience. Lastly there is the need of communication in all these three elements of human connection without which no relationship exits; and there is love in respect but without trust it’s an end.

Love you all. See you all soon again. Thanks for visiting me. Will appreciate your valuable thoughts on my writings. Thank you all.

 Love & Respect feels like twins where trust is the mother and communication has its power.

With LOVE, RESPECT & TRUST……Its Prabhat KS. Thank You.

6 thoughts on “Human || Love, Respect & Trust

    • Thank you so much Sandy…!! This is the only feeling that keeps us alive and so I feel that way. I want every human soul should be into this. We are one. Thanks again for stopping here and may God be with you always.


  1. Love and respect….I love how you brought up the fact that each of us means something to someone and that brings love to them and with that love comes respect. Often times I believe we see this in others, but forget to look outside our ‘eyes’ so that we can see it in ourselves as well. Meaning, when I think of someone and that person brings a smile to my face…I forget that sometimes when others think of me, I too bring a smile to their face.
    Thank you for sharing your love with us Prabhat, I respect you for that. ♥


    • Thank you Jen. For me this is how I go with and that smile you mentioned here is just another way of being into the pyramid I have shown here. And thank you Jen again for dropping your letters here. With love ❤ Prabhat KS.


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