PEOPLE || Good; Better; Best

It was a day and it was night. It was sometime around last year that I was lying on my bed and wondering about the PEOPLE around. I was lost in the thoughts of the relationship and its importance with the PEOPLE around me. I was unable to figure out the real importance of it. And in the meanwhile these lines were created out of my mind with mesmerized thoughts going around. It follows like this.

I know I am good – better – best;
I can be all this good – better – best;
When PEOPLE around me are good – better – best;

I am also the bad – worse – worst;
PEOPLE around me plays bad – worse – worst;
I loose myself for good – better – best;

I loose myself to myself;
I loose myself to heavenly God;
I loose myself for being me.



So from the word “PEOPLE” I want to state all of them who are into your circle. They might be your friends, classmates, family, co-workers, etc. What made me write this way is because of the feeling I have developed in me through times until then. I had no any kind of intimacy with anyone in my circle. All that exists was just simple talk for some reason only or else it was just HI and BYE. It seemed like of being MEAN fellows.

I tried to figure out what was missing in me but couldn’t help myself. I felt lonely and intense with a feeling of regret. But then later on I tried to be by myself, which in course of time I had possibly found a path of success into it and leading my way through. I learnt the most valuable lessons in my life coming though all these PEOPLE things. I felt happy and jolly with fun and excitement.

With my own genuine experience from life until now I want to sum up that always live by yourself and don’t ever put your complete trust and faith onto others, whoever it may be or else it’s for sure that you are going to suffer in one or the other way that you have never given a thought to realize it. You really don’t need anyone to go in your way but only you and your spirit towards it.

Try to love yourself and be the real you. Everything will fall into the line that you never ever imagined. Believe in the almighty power and live happily ever after. So I loose myself for being me and living my way to realize the worth living way.


7 thoughts on “PEOPLE || Good; Better; Best

  1. When we take the time to get to know and love ourselves, we are happier. Sometimes people go through life never understanding what you experienced. Thanks for sharing. When we have self-awareness and self-love, we also attract wonderful people into our lives. We also learn to set boundaries and not spend time with those who don’t have the best intentions.


    • That’s why I decided that this is the time I had to take decision and so I took and here I am meeting you all and enjoying happy loving….!! Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for your words. I am overwhelmed. Loving yourself is the best job and everything falls in to the line.


  2. Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts Prabhat. I believe every mortal life on earth has his / her fair share of being a good better best person. Keep being the great person you are and leverage on your talents to help the world. Have great fun in the process.

    Together, we make a Difference!
    To your Abundance,
    Sandy 🙂


  3. I first want to say I really like the image you have with this post because it really goes with your article. Being true to yourself gives you the ammo you need to be the best.

    I often wonder about people who have “best” friends. Then, they hate that same person when they share a “secret” with someone else. Well, a secret is only a secret if you don’t share it with anyone. So…who is the worse person? You, for telling the secret, or your friend for sharing your secret?

    We all have good, better and best in us.


    • Thank you Dawn. Thanks a lot. It’s always the Worth of being best to self. And I completely agree with all that you wrote. Secret has its worth when it’s a secret. And yes it’s true that everyone has good, better & best. Thank you for stopping by me.


  4. I believe that the people around us are there in order for us to grow. to teach us things about ourselves. everyone is brought to our life for a reason and sometimes that reason is finding ourselves. it appears that you did just that my friend. 😊


    • Yes Jen I think I did it but still sometimes I am confused about my own life. But always taking it as… “Whatever happens, it happens for good”. And yes I agree that everyone coming in our life has some reason and to find it is what our way into it. Thanks for being in touch Jen.


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