prabhatks || born real ; not perfect

“Every Morning I wake up and think of nothing but try to resolute ;

Resolute that whats going to happen till the next future morning”

— Its what I give a thought to “WHAT IS LIFE?”


Today I rise up the stairs in my life into the 21st step and feeling a lot excited about the future and its really unexplained beauty to be discovered in reality.

prabhatks||come make the world alive spreading oneness

prabhatks||come make the world alive spreading oneness

“You were born to be real; Not to be perfect”

I want to take this line into consideration and go up the way into my life ahead in being real rather than perfect. Being real is more powerful then being perfect is what i deeply feel now.

From here I start my journey of blogging and I want to promise myself to keep writing being into it on a regular basis with new posts and updates related to different musings of life and other stuffs related to everything around us that is into my knowledge and I stumble over my way into it.

I also want my readers to correct me in every way where ever I go wrong. I will appreciate their valuable times for doing that for me.

I take this moment to thank one and all and everyone who is in my life and had their presence within me and to all the human kind for their support and mutual help over times in the days of my life so far. I deeply extend my thanks to the superior almighty “GOD” without whom nothing on this blue planet seems to be green and with whom comes all the power into existence.

This is life; live it; enjoy it and go with it accepting the best and the worst of it. Live the taste of life in the true genuine sense. Love you all. Thank you.

Prabhat KS


4 thoughts on “prabhatks || born real ; not perfect

  1. You are so right about living each day on its own merit. Too many people fret over the past and worry about “what could have been.”
    The joy you find in life comes from within. Remember that your adventures in life are worth reading even if someone tells you differently. For example, I may find watching the coi languishing in a pool for half an hour an amazing story. You wouldn’t think there would be a story in that, now would you? Well, listen in and… I’m sure you get the idea. Your story can unfold, no matter how trifling the subject may seem.
    I look forward to reading how your musings go.


    • Thank you so much. I am pleased to read from you… It has given me a new idea to view the story in our life unfolds….. And yes there is a story…!! I agree to all your views you have put forward here..!! Thank you once again…!


  2. happy birthday and congratulations on your blog. I have to say I agree with what Dawn said not everyone will like what you write, but that is okay just keep writing if thats what makes you happy. being true to yourself is more important than making other people happy.


    • Yes Jen… That’s why I took the decision… And will lead my way in it…. I have always had an interest in writing…. And with all your’s support and help…. I would go far in this field… Thank you so much … Thanks a lot for your wish….!!!


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